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Archive for July 2018

How To Find The Right Plumber Without Going Round The Bend!

Its winter, freezing cold and a bad time time of year for the boiler to break down or worst still you have burst pipes. There’s water pouring everywhere and you go into panic mode! Firstly turn off the water via your main stop tap, this usually found in the kitchen. This scenario is not the…

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Fires – Not Just For Indoors!

We all want to get more use out of our gardens but unfortunately the British climate is not exactly ideal for sitting outside into the wee small hours! Cooking and eating outdoors is one of lifes greatest pleasures for most of us. Invest in an outdoor fireplace and make the most of the garden. Just…

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Confused About Water Softeners?

Learn more about the benefits of water softeners, we live in a hard water area and there is no getting away from that fact! And if you have had to change your boiler, washing machine or dishwasher recently you will be well aware of how costly this is! Aside from having to buy a new…

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Get Radiator Ready!

Radiators have come a fair way over the years. There are a wealth of styles, finishes and colours available these days as well as the standard type. Do want a designer or convector radiator or one with a mirror? The choice is endless! Are Radiators Efficient? Central heating is an efficient way to heat your…

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Revamping A Tired Kitchen

Looking to breathe new life into your kitchen? We’re here to help! If you’re keeping to a tight budget, why don’t we look at some of the subtle, smaller differences we can make to brighten it up? The first step would be to throw out any clutter on the worktops. This will help make your…

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