About Us

About us. SNH was founded in 1969, and has grown slowly over the 48 year period. We take great pride in the services and products we offer to you. Snh are well known in our area with a good relationship with the trade and retail, we help out locally with supplying props and items for the local drama school in the village and to the Thanet Earth project which is the biggest green house construction in the country.

Meet the Team


Im Kevin 26 years old and a family man – I have 5 children who keep me busy when i am not at work!  I am proud to say that I am part of the S.N.H.team and i work in the Warehouse. I play a large part, a massive part in the day to day running of the warehouse these duties include taking care of deliveries to the warehouse – stock control – maintaining a safe working place and of course helping the customers who collect orders from us in person. My main duty at S.N.H however is in the packing department when the customers receive their orders from S.N.H. 9 out of 10 would have been packed and dispatched by myself.

It is also part of my job to make sure the customer receives their goods in the same quality condition it was in when it left our warehouse, this is helped by making sure all items are properly packed to withstand any damage that can happen in transit. Not only that but its my job to make sure the customer is also receiving the correct items they ordered. This can also help by the excellent communication between myself and the sales teams. The key is to get the orders out a.s.a.p and to reach the customer in 1st class condition.

About Me: When I am not working I spend time with the family, shouting at the kids because they are all naughty and do my head in making me wish I was back at work. I enjoy watching football especially when Iiverpool FC spanked Man Ut 4:1 at old Trafford. I enjoy spending time with my pals and going out.


I keep the internet sites updated, so if you find any spelling mistakes, that’s going to be me! My role is to make sure everything runs smoothly for you which includes checking website updates are working to the ease your purchase.  Anything that goes wrong with the site I am the first person the team call on so I can sort out the tec guys to jump straight on it. (I hope you like our new web site)

About Me: When im not a work I like a couple of beers at the week end and keeping my kids amused (not at the same time). They are both under 12 so it’s a handful sometimes but I love them.


Hi, I am one of the partners of S.N.H. I mainly work in the sales office, at the counter area in our showroom & make sure things are being run the way they should be. I do most of the ordering in of the general stock, so when that is short i am the person to shout at!  I try and keep the shop atmosphere in a happy zone, so this reflects on the attitude of our staff and customers.

About Me: After work I have a couple of interests which keep me busy,  I have two children which one of is into football a lot, "That's my weekends taken care of"  We also have a small hand bag dog "shiatsu" which we take for lots of walks. I know its not very manly but I leave the street walks to the misses!. And my pride and joy allotment!, which I will confess, I love going down there on my own for a bit of me time & ok the odd pub or two for lunch and a pint now and then. ~ Well I think that rounds me up, hope to speak to you soon!


Hello, my name is Sarah, I work in the sales department, this involves tele-sales and customer care. I am responsible for answering all the emails that we receive and hopefully answering with and dealing with responsibly!!

About Me: A little bit about myself, I am married to one of the firms directors. I have 2 children and therefore only work on a part-time basis as my kids play a huge part in my day to day life. I have been working at S.N.H. now for 4 years and enjoy speaking to and dealing with all types of people everyday.


I am very proud of how SNH has grown over the years, we are a family run firm and we will endeavour to give you the best  value and service we can.  My role is quite varied as I help Anthony (my husband) with the running of the web site, this involes adding new products, altering pricing and checking for his spelling mistakes! Also during busy periods you will find me in the sales office helping customers with their on line purchases and queries.

About Me: My two children and their interests take up a lot of my time so i only work part time at present. Harry is 12 and Isabel is 10 years old, so as you can imagine it is pretty hetic at home!  When I do have a moment to myself I enjoy taking my two labradors Bollinger & Merlot for walks and eating out.  Anthony and I have a lovely circle of friends and when we can, we like to meet up with them for drinks or meals out (that's of course when we can get the grandparents to have them!)