About Us

SNH Our Story:

Starting out as a Plumbing & Heating business in 1969, SNH was originally called St Nicholas Heating and was founded by Derek Faulkner. As the years went by Derek was joined by Anthony & Darren, his two sons who also trained to be Plumbing & Heating Engineers and with the boys by Dereks side the Business went from strength to strength.

But Darren & Anthony had a dream to open a Plumbers Merchant so, in 1998 they took the plunge!

They found the ideal premises just around the corner, originally an old mill then ironically a plumbing shop in 1905. With lots of history but unfortunately many issues, it took lots of hard work and vision to turn it into what it is today, it needed a new second floor and lots of tlc. They decided to keep the original business name of St Nicholas Heating as this was the name of the Village where they lived and loved but shortened it down to what is has become known today, SNH.

With Darren concentrating on the showroom and trade counter and Anthony building up the online side of the business, SNH has grown steadily and now employs 7 local people as well as family members.


Our Mission:

To provide good quality items at fair prices to the Trade & Public whilst offering a wealth of product knowledge, especially to those who visit us in store.