How Easy Is It To Replace An Electric Shower?

Replacing an electric shower can seem a bit daunting. As sometimes the water inlets or entry points may be inconsistent with the shower brand that you are replacing. Which can lead to extra work but the T80Z electric shower is designed for a hassle free installation.

What Are Fast Fit Showers?

The Triton Fast Fit or T80Z electric shower is the next generation of the UK’s best selling shower. They feature a high quality design, with great performance. Furthermore they are so easy to install as the unit simply covers the footprint of most electric showers. Consequently leaving no unsightly drill holes from the previous installation.

electric shower

Great Styling And Easy Fit!

Triton T80Z Fast Fit Electric Shower

The TZ80 Fast Fit has a strong rigid back plate which will not distort on uneven tiles and also features the latest Swing-Fit TM technology and Swivel-Fit TM technology. Most of all, you are able to connect the water and electric on the left or right hand side of the unit.

Easy To Fit Electric Shower

With Swivel Fit Technology Triton T80Z Is An Easy Install.

Models Available – 7.5kw, 8.5kw, 9.5kw & 10.5kw – Please note that if selecting the 10.5kW rating for this model, you will require 10mmcabling. Please check existing cabling for compatibility.

Finishes – White & Chrome

Reduces Scale By 80%

Thermostatic Control

Shower Head – 5 Spray Patterns

Low Pressure Indicator

Push Button Start/Stop With Phased Shut Down

Removable Filter For Easy Maintenance

Hose Length – 1.25m

Guarantee – 2 Years

Triton electric shower

The Triton T80Z – Has Multiple Entry Points.


First and foremost disconnect the power supply to the shower. Check the electrical supply is in good condition, basic knowledge of electrics is of course necessary, but if in any doubt call out an electrician. Once checked, switch off the electrical supply and the water. The next step is to remove the existing shower, a simple job. As the T80Z has multiple entry points you should be able to place it and connect it straight in!

Have You Recently Installed One Of These? How Easy Was It?!

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