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Archive for April 2018

Baffled By Boiler Types? Help Is Here!

What Boiler Do I Need?

It can be quite hard to understand how central heating and boilers work. Not to mention the different types of systems!.  In this blog we have tried to explain the differences in the types of central heating systems, plus the pros and cons of each type of system if any. When installing or upgrading a…

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What Are The Benefits Of Bathroom Furniture?

  Life today seems to be so stressful, balancing work and family life. You want to come home to a bathroom that can be your own little oasis of relaxation, where the days chores or worries can drift away like water down the plug hole. To get that spa like feeling you need remove clutter…

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Brighten Up Your Bathroom In Less Than A Weekend!

If you want to give your bathroom a new lease of life, there’s no need to rip it out and start again! A few simple changes in a few hours can make all the difference. Replace Your Taps: There are a huge range of taps to choose from, for example traditional taps are perfect if…

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