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Central Heating Radiators.

Modern Convector Radiators Are Efficient & Stylish.

Radiators have come a fair way over the years. There are a wealth of styles, finishes and colours available these days as well as the standard type. Do want a designer or convector radiator or one with a mirror? The choice is endless!

Are Radiators Efficient?

Central heating is an efficient way to heat your home only if it is maintained correctly. In order to run correctly it needs to be serviced once a year by a Gas Safe Engineer. This servicing combined with the use of chemical inhibitors help to maintain the systems efficiency. Which in turn cuts down on corrosion and scale.


Vertical Radiators: In our opinion are a more modern look as these are tall and thin. Great for rooms that are short on space. They are ideal for hanging behind doors and are the most common choice in bathrooms.

Horizontal Radiators: Wider than they are tall this type or radiator is ideal for installation under windows.

Designer Radiators.

Designer Radiators Are Available In Different Colours & Can Make A Great Statement.

Single Panel Or Double Panel?

Radiators have a long wall of metal which is referred to as a tank. When it is plumbed in the “tank” is filled with water which heats up to produce heat into the room. The longer the radiator the more surface area it has so therefore produces more One with no fins is called a single panel. A double has two panels, which will provide more heat. Some double panel radiators have convector fins, these are welded to to the panel and provide additional heat.

It may seem odd that single panel radiators are available if a double is the most effective at heating. But there are applications where a single panel comes into it’s own. For instance, in a hallway where space may be limited a double panel may stick out into the room too much.

Before purchasing a new radiator be aware that it needs to be able to heat the room as well as look stylish. Radiators are best placed in the coolest part of the room which is usually under a window or on an outside wall. Your heating engineer is the best person to advise you. All have a BTU rating, this stands for British Thermal Units and the higher the radiators BTU rating the more heat it will produce.

Double panel or single panel radiators.

Differences Between Radiators.

Radiator Finishes:

Make sure you choose a good quality radiators. Cheaper models are not cleaned and polished before chroming. Cast iron radiators take longer to heat up but will retain their heat for longer compared to a radiator with an aluminium finish. This type will heat up quickly but will cool down quicker. If you opt for a designer radiator these are available in modern colours such as Anthracite, Black and Silver.

Radiator Valves:

There are two types of valves. Standard radiator valves allow you turn the radiator off and on but will not alter the heat out put. It is best if they are fitted with high quality thermostatic radiator valves. Or TRV’s as they are often refereed to. This allows you to have complete control over the temperature. So for instance you may want the bathroom radiator to be on high at all times but the hallway just on tick over.

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