Tips For Making The Most Of A Small Bathroom

Most UK homes have a fairly small bathroom, unless your lucky enough to have had your’s built to your own requirements! If you have a particularly small bathroom you need to make the best use of the space you do have available. This takes some careful planning, attention to detail and the use of clever, space-saving fixtures and fittings.

Small Bathroom

Great Use Of The Limited Space In This Bathroom.


Make The Most Of Your Wall Space!

Interestingly, rooms look bigger if you can see the whole floor all the way to the walls. So, one of the best things you can do is to install wall hung furniture. You can choose wall hung sinks or vanity units, wall hung toilets and so on.

A budget alternative to a wall hung toilet is a compact, short projection pan, which takes up less space than a regular pan. Modern toilets tend to be smaller than older ones anyway so by simply replacing your existing loo can make your bathroom feel bigger.

Another way to save floor space is to install a walk-in-shower rather than a bath. Corner shower cubicles with curved edges and sliding doors give a streamlined look and more space to move about in the centre of the room. Or think about installing a wet room, these are great for making a bathroom look larger.

Space Saving Sinks

A big sink is a luxury when space is tight. So to make the most of your available space, use the corners of your bathroom. A corner sink means you can have a bigger sink without it taking up as much room. Or choose a vanity unit with a toilet or combination unit as they are often known as. These make a good use of the space and make the bathroom appear larger and more streamlined.

Stylish Bathroom Storage.

Use Baskets & Jars To Store Your Everyday Bathroom Items.

Sounds Simple But Banish Clutter!

Clutter makes your bathroom look smaller. Simply having a good clear out can help take care of this problem, but you can’t get rid of everything so the best solution is some nifty storage. Try using baskets that compliment your colour scheme or install shelving above the bathroom door. Try and think out of the box when it comes to storage.

Vanity units are a contemporary way to kit out your bathroom. They not only look smart, but they give you plenty of storage to keep clutter at bay. For small bathrooms, compact vanity units, such as those from Hudson Reed, are a great option.

If you have a bath, why not consider having a bespoke bath panel made that opens up to give you somewhere to stow kids’ bath toys, cleaning products, and more?

Open Up The Space

Having a light and airy bathroom will make it seem larger. If you have got a window, this is a great help. Otherwise, choosing light colours and reflective tiling is the perfect choice. Mirrors on the walls reflect light, creating an illusion of space and giving depth to the room.

If you prefer a bath over a shower cubicle, choosing a glass panel rather than a shower curtain will help to open up the space.

Small Bathroom Suites.

Keep Your Bath But Add A Shower With A D Shaped Bath.


Stick to a simple colour scheme then brighten the bathroom up with matching towels, shower curtain etc. This so easy to do and is a very cheap way of bringing a fresh new look to your bathroom!

With so much choice in bathroom fixtures and fittings available, you can definitely make the most of your small space!

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