What Are The Differences Between A Wood Burning Stove & Multi-fuel Stoves?

Wood Burner Or Multi-fuel Stove?

A Wood Burner Or Multi-fuel Stove Can Add A Really Cosy Feel To The Home.

Wood Burner Or Multi-Fuel Stove?

What is the difference between a wood burner or multi-fuel stove? Wood burning stoves or log burners are only suitable for burning kiln dried logs, hardwood or softwood. Where multi-fuel stoves can burn wood in addition to coal or both together. Both types of stove have a very similar appearance and often manufacturers will produce models in both variants.

And if you live in a Smoke Controlled area, your decision may be made for you. In Smoke Control areas you are only allowed to burn wood or smokeless fuels such as anthracite and will need to purchase a Defra Approved stove.

Difference In Grates:

A multi-fuel stove has a raised grate which allows for more airflow in order to burn fuels effectively. A wood burner has a fuel bed at the bottom of the firebox and the air circulates around the top. Wood burns better on a bed of ashes, so most users leave a one inch layer of ash in the firebox to provide a base for the next day’s fire.

What Fuels Are Best?

Multi-fuel stoves burn solid mineral fuel such as coal (or smokeless coal should you wish) which has a higher heat content. This provides a more sustained temperature compared to wood, especially if you are burning over night.

Wood burning stoves are more environmentally friendly as wood is a renewable source of energy. Which is a huge draw to those of us that are concerned about the environment. This type of stove is cleaner and can be more cost effective too if you have a supply of seasoned wood. If you have access to free wood than you can season and store, your stove will cost you virtually nothing to run. If not you will need to look into how much it would cost for kiln dried logs or coal etc.

Are There Differences In Heat Output For A Wood Burner Or Multi-Fuel Stove?

Not really – most stoves today are around 70% to 80% efficient. It really depends on getting the best burn; this would be helped by purchasing a stove thermometer which has a magnet on it to attach it to the stove pipe. This will ensure you are getting value for money using the fuel of your choice. It is also worth noting that it is best to purchase a stove which is the correct size for the room you are heating. A stove with a too high output will be too hot and If you fire it to below its optimum running temperature you will find it doesn’t burn very well and may cost you more to run.

The price of mineral fuels are always rising and whilst you can burn just wood on a multi-fuel stove, they have a grate so the wood will burn quicker. Therefore a multi-fuel stove used this way will not be as energy efficient. It all comes down to preference and running costs really.


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The price of mineral fuels are always rising. Whilst you can burn only wood on a multi-fuel stove. They have a grate so it will burn a lot quicker. Therefore a multi-fuel stove will not be as energy efficient used in this way. Again it all comes down to preference and running costs. So, what is it to be, a wood burner or a multi-fuel stove?




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