Adapting Bathrooms For The Elderly Or Disabled

Disabled Bathrooms

Installing Disabled Bathrooms might seem a long way off. But there does come a time in life when getting in and out of the bath or on and off the toilet becomes difficult. This is due to the loss of mobility and balance. It can make washing and bathing a struggle. And, if you want to stay in your own home and keep your independence you will need to think about Disabled Bathrooms.

Or you could be considering moving your parents in. If so your family bathroom may need some re-working.

Disabled Bathrooms

By Adapting Your Bathroom You Can Share Your Home.


What Are The Options?

When it comes to making bathing easier or making  disabled bathrooms, there are a range of products available. These include walk in baths, comfort height toilets, shower seats, wet rooms and chair lifts. This ensures the elderly or disabled are able to maintain independence and dignity. But if just a little assistance is needed then a Doc M Pack could be an inexpensive solution.


Disabled Bathrooms

With A Doc M Pack & A Shower Seat Your Bathroom Can Be Easily Adapted.

Doc M Packs are in line with current Building Control regulations and disabled legislation. By also installing lever taps you make your bathroom suitable for use for the disabled. Bath or basin lever taps have long levers making operation easy. And have a maximum temperature of 41 degrees.

Wet Rooms

These are a great idea for creating a bathroom that easily accessible for a wheelchair user. You can purchase a tray former and tanking. The installer will lay this under the bathroom tiles or vinyl flooring and this makes the bathroom 100% watertight. You can also now purchase wet room panels which can be less costly than re-tiling the whole bathroom.


Disabled Bathrooms With Wet Room Panels

Wet Room Panels Are Ideal For Use In Disabled Bathrooms.

Wet Room Panels

Unlike shower cubicals, wet room panels can create a shower area to your requirements. By installing wet room panels you will ensure water does not seep onto the other fixtures and fittings or towels!

Add a wall hung toilet and a wall hung cabinet and you also have any easy to clean bathroom!

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