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As one of the most important rooms within the home, a well designed bathroom can offer hotel luxury after a long day at work.



We have all you need for a full bathroom makeover or just a little tweak, select from a great range of products all at low prices. From full bathroom suites to bathroom furniture you can let your imagination run wild, and if you are planning a loft conversion to add that dream master bedroom and ensuite we have a great range of Saniflo macerators which allow you to install a bathroom virtually anywhere in the home. We have space saving toilets, designer radiators, towel rails, showers, taps and more!

Bathroom Furniture:

Bathroom furniture is a great way of creating a streamlined look to a small bathroom or a design statement in the larger bathroom. As well as creating space, this is a great way of concealing all of your bottles and bathroom paraphernalia keeping the bathroom neat and tidy.


When choosing taps for your new bathroom or ensuite it can be quite overwhelming as there is so much choice out there. The first thing to think about is what style or look you are going for as the fittings really do make a difference, you can purchase a plain white suite and add modern taps and fittings and turn it into something really quite stunning, the same can be said for the more traditional styles of taps as they can add a beautiful period look to a bathroom.

Bathroom Mirrors & Cabinets:

Bathroom mirrors are often an after thought when updating the bathroom but are a necessary item, we need them to shave, apply make up and for personal hygeine routines. The best type of bathroom mirrors are ones with lights as they are easy to install and do not cost much to run. Bathroom mirrors are also a great way to add the feeling of light and space, you can almost double the size of the room, a trick well used by interior designers. A bathroom mirror can also be used as a feature in a bathroom if it is large enough, just be sure to place it where there is no chance your reflection can be seen just incase you have not closed the door properly. Our bathroom mirror collection is available in a good range of sizes and designs and for a touch of luxury you could choose one with LED lighting or a hands free one.