H Plate Register Plate Flat 900mm x 495mm

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H Plate Register Plate Flat 900mm x 495mm – No Holes

Model: 94-REG-H

H Plate Register Plate Flat 900mm x 495mm. Register plates are used to seal off the base of the chimney. This register plate is 900mm x 495mm.


H Plate Register Plate Flat 900mm x 495mm. Use to seal off the base of the chimney (This register plate can be cut on site to fit the base size of your chimney stack).


The register plate and the supporting brackets are made from 1.5mm thick galvanised steel. The register plate can be sprayed to match the colour of your stove pipe.

This register plate has a special adapter suitable for installations which use either 125mm or 150mm diameter flue pipes.

Installation Check List

The four supporting brackets should be cut to the length and width of the base of your chimney stack. Drill a number of holes in the brackets. Now screw them into the brickwork. Cut the register plate to the correct size, taking care that the pipe hole lies vertically above the black stove pipe. Drop the register plate onto the supporting brackets.

Now seal any gaps between the brickwork and the brackets / plate using fire cement or high temperature sealant. For 150mm diameter installations simply remove the centre cover ring by unscrewing the two retaining screws.


Flue liner should always be fitted from the top. Make sure the arrows are pointing upwards (gas flow). Secure a piece of string (at least the same length as the flue liner to the nose cone (order separately).

Now attach the nose cone onto the end of the flue liner, again making sure the arrows on the flue liner are pointing away from the nose cone in a upward direction so when the liner is installed the arrows will be pointing to the top of the chimney.

Pull the liner down the chimney using the string and at the same time have someone at the top of the chimney feeding the flue liner down, once the flue liner is fitted remove the nose cone.



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