100mm Vitreous Enamel Equal Tee With Cap

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Product Description

Equal Tee With Cap Vitreous Enamel 100mm

Model: 67-100-035

The 90° Tee is usually installed when you are connecting the flue to the rear outlet of an appliance, a tee cap is include for the base of the tee to allow sweeping access.

Why Choose VIT-Smooth?

VIT-Smooth is a new industry standard when it comes to welding and the finishing of vitreous enamel. The Welds are almost invisible. All the welds on bends are ground down so they are totally smooth. The texture and colour of the enamel is very matt black to match most uk stoves.

Vit-Smooth uses 1,2mm thick zero carbon steel, then coats of powdered enamel are added giving a total thickness of 1.4mm to 1.5mm. Most of our competitors use 1mm steel or even thinner!.

Vit Smooth Vitreous Enamelled Flue System Specification:

  • Vit-Smooth brochure
  • Friction Fit (No Fire Clay required)
  • Total thickness including enamel 1.4mm
  • low carbon steel 1.2mm
  • Suitable for oil, gas and Solid Fuels, for domestic heating appliances
  • Versitile and capable of satisfying the demands of most installations
  • Continuity and Quality
  • CE Approved
  • Hetas Approved

Finished products have an internal and external vitreous enamel coating to offer extremely high resistance to heat and toxic or corrosive gasses.


Suitable for gas, oil and solid fuel appliances with temperatures up to 750 degrees C. Stove pipe should only be used as a connecting pipe between your appliance and flue liner / chimney stack / twin wall flue system. Black stove pipe should NOT be used to pass through ceilings or walls.

Installation Check List

You should not install a piece of black stove pipe within 3 times the diameter of the flue from combustible material, e.g. wood, plaster boards, etc. A 5 inch (125mm) diameter piece of black stove pipe should be 15 inches (375mm) away from combustible materials. When installing make sure black stove pipe is installed the correct way up – the smaller diameter should always be pointing downward.

This is because all the condensates will stay within the flue system and not pass to the outside of black stove pipe. Each joint should be coated with a jointing compound (fire cement or high temperature silicone sealant). This makes sure that no condensate can escape and spoil the appearance of the pipe.



Additional Information

Weight 1000 g



Mi Flue






Unit Quantity





12 Year Warranty


Medium Item


Vitreous Enamel 4 inch




Flues & Fittings


4 Inch (100mm) Vitreous Enamel


Vitreous Enamel Single Wall Flue

Country/Region of Manufacture

United Kingdom

Main Colour

Matt Black


Matt Black


4 inch

Hetas Approved





EN1856-2 T600 N1 Vm L80120 G375

Outer Material

1.2mm thick

Distance From Combustibles








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    100mm Vitreous Enamel Equal Tee With Cap

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