Vitcas Black Fire Cement 1KG

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Product Description

Black Fire Cement Tub 1KG

Model: 12009

A non-combustible premium fire cement putty for bonding low porosity surfaces and for general sealing and repairing work where high temperature resistance up to+1400°C is required. Used in the construction, installation and repair of fires, stoves and fireplaces.

Fire Cement Features:

  • Complies with BS476 Part 4.
  • Application: For use on solid fuel and gas/oil appliances. eg: wood stoves, gas coal effect fires, oil boiler and any solid fuel appliances.
  • Approval ROHS Compliant Construction. Water based pliable adhesive fire cement. Strong adhesion at all temperatures to +1400 degrees C.
  • Designed for use in the assembly and instillation of gas/multifuel heating appliances. Does not exude oil or stain most absorbent materials odourless and non toxic. A maximum continuous operating temperature to +1400 degrees CROHS compliant.


Thoroughly clean and degrease all surfaces to be bonded or sealed. A light surface abrasion of the material to be bonded will increase the surface area available for adhesion and improve mechanical key. Apply the fire cement as supplied to all surfaces to be bonded and complete tooling within 5-10 minutes.

Clean any spillages immediately. Apply moderate pressure to ensure even anchorage and solid contact of the surfaces to be bonded, so that all surfaces are fully wetted. Secure components and allow the fire cement to set.

All application equipment should be cleaned with warm water immediately after application. As this product is water based, it is necessary to fully dry and dehydrate the adhesive.

The curing of this product may vary depending on temperature, humidity, porosity of substrates, volume of adhesive and area etc.

A rough guide for typical applications at room temperature and average humidity would be approximately 36-48 hours. Curing may be accelerated by the application of gentle and progressive heat (do not exceed 100 degrees during curing as this may lead to product failure).

The cured product may be removed using steam/ boiling water (high pH will also aid removal).



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