Combimate Limescale Prevention Device Starter Pack 22mm

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Combimate 22mm


Combimate is plumbed directly on the cold water supply to the property or appliance to protect the hot water system.

As mains water flows through the Combimate, the water comes into contact with Combiphos.  The phosphate within Combiphos coats the inside of a home’s pipework, boiler heat exchanger and appliances with a non-residual, microscopic, protective coating to prevent scale-causing minerals from accumulating and aggressive soft water from corroding the system and appliances.

This limescale protection action prevents the formation of scale while retaining the health benefits of the natural minerals contained in hard water.

Unlike other limescale prevention systems (e.g. magnetic, electrolytic or electronic limescale inhibitor) Combimate is designed to ensure that all of the incoming water flowing through the unit comes into contact with the Combiphos – ensuring a consistent level of phosphate dosing is maintained.

Combimate is designed to be user-friendly; shut-off valves automatically stop the water flow when the cover is removed and the Combiphos can be refilled through a simple screw-fit cap.

Combimate provides pipe protection, appliance protection and boiler protection.

Combimate Features:

  • Combimate Brouchure
  • Combimate Fitting Instructions
  • Pipe size required 22mm
  • Combiphos is a harmless food-grade polyphosphate compound
  • Prevents scale and stops corrosion
  • Food grade’ additive which conforms to European Standards EN1208
  • Combimate has a low purchase cost
  • Removes need for chemical de-scaling products
  • No Electrical supply required
  • Protects domestic water systems against hard water limescale and soft water corrosion
  • Extends the life of your water installation
  • Totally automatic system – no user interaction required
  • Automatic water shut off – easy maintenance and a useful home safety feature
  • Completely safe for human consumption

Maintenance For Your Combimate:

  • Only requires an annual refill – a five minute task
  • Just a handful of Combiphos needed to refill – no need for bulky salt sacks or heavy lifting
  • A DIY job that requires no special tools.


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1 Year Warranty


Heating & Cooling


Water Treatment


Heating Water Treatment

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