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Quiet, powerful, top name pumps such as Stuart Turner, Grundfos & Salamander at competative prices, please click on the link to find out more.


Our Shower Pump Range:

A large choice of top quality shower pumps at internet only prices, our aim is to bring you quality without breaking the bank. This range includes trusted names such as Stuart Turner, Salamander, Aqualisa and Grunfos in negative and positive heads, we also have the low volt pumps on our site. All shower pumps come with a manufacturers warranty and are brand new and boxed and are usually delivered within 2 to 3 working days.

Below we have listed the differences between the shower pumps to help make your purchase easier.

Positive Shower Pumps:

Where a minimum gravity flow of water in excess of 0.6L/min is present then this is known as a Positive head condition.

Negative Shower Pumps:

When an outlet (tap or shower head) is above or level with the cold water storage tank then this is known as a Negative head condition.;

Universal Shower Pumps:

Universal pumps are designed to function under both Positive and Negative conditions.;

Standard Shower Pumps:

Standard pumps are for use where an open vented Positive head condition exists.

Whole House Pumps:

Whole house pumps are designed to pump to separate hot or cold outlets whereas a shower pump is designed to pump both hot and cold water at the same time.

Low Voltage Pumps:

Low voltage pumps operate on low voltage making them safe in the presence of water, therefore they can be installed under a bath.

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