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Water Softeners

High quality water solutions for hard water areas.


How Do Water Softeners Work?

If you live in a hard water area such as we do here in Thanet the best way to soften your household water is to install a water softer. Hard water contains calcuim and magnesuim and water softeners work by water being passed over beads (or otherwise known as resin) inside the unit, the chemicals cling to the beads taking these elements out and replacing them with sodium, this process is called ion exchange. Once the beads have collected the calcuim and magnesuim these chemicals are dispersed into the drain and the mineral tank inside the unit will be flushed ready for the next regeneration; most modern water softeners have an automatic regeneration schecdule which will flush and recharge the unit.

How Easy Are Water Softeners To Install?

All you need is access to the mains water supply, the drain and electricity. Today's modern water softeners are designed to fit inside a standard kitchen cabinet but can be installed in a utility room if required. You will just need a qualified engineer to do this for you.

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