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A wide range of kitchen taps and water softeners for the most important room in the home.


Kitchen Taps:

Take a look at our collection of kitchen taps, all the latest designs at amazing prices and with fast delivery throughout Mainland UK. We have bib taps, mono bloc sink mixers, bridge sink mixers, pull out spray taps and filtered water taps all from leading brand names including Deva and Home Of Ultra. Whatever the style of kitchen we feel there is a design to suit every need.

Water Softeners:

;A water softener could be likend to fabric softener, it works via ion exchange. In this process the hardness of minerals are exchanged for sodium or potassium ions, effectively reducing the concentration of hardness minerals and thus making the water softer. One of the main benefits of installing a water softener from Tapworks or BWT is that your hair and skin will feel less dry and you get more for your money when using soaps, body wash, shampoos and detergents as you will not need to use as much of these products.;

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1-91 of 91