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Heating & Cooling

Whatever the season our heating & cooling range of products will keep your home comfortable.



Air Conditioning:

Keep cool this summer with our quality air conditioning units, with trusted names like Sanyo and Toshiba you can buy these air conditioning units with confidence as all the units are guaranteed for 1 year with an option to extend to a 2 or 3 year warranty. This range includes split system air conditioning units or inverter air conditioning units as they are also known as, portable air conditioning units, low wall air conditioning for use in conservatories, air coolers and ceiling units. You can also use air conditioning units for heat in the winter months too, making them very good value for money.

Electric Heating:

If gas heating is not available or central heating is not an option, such as in rural locations, small houses or flats, you should consider electric heating. Electric heaters are 100% efficient at the point of use meaning, all electricity used is converted directly into heat unlike boiler systems where energy is wasted through the flue. Electric heaters do not emit fumes or vapors and they require almost no maintenance compared to combustion heating. While some claim that their energy consumption may be too high with rising energy prices, new models feature thermostats will only use the energy needed to get the room to the temperature you desire. Electric heating is very easy to install, ensuring installation costs are kept to a minimum. It does not require pipework, simply a connection to the electrical circuit, so frequently it can be installed in a matter of minutes. Electric heating does not require annual maintenance or safety checks, although it is recommended that all electric wiring be inspected every 5 years.


There are many types of radiator to choose from today, you make a design statement or a feature with our range of designer radiators from Hudson Reed and Ultra which just plumb straight into your existing central heating pipework. This type of radiator are available in vertical or horizontal styles and have stunning finishes such as high gloss black, anthricite and silver as well as the more conventional white. There a wide range of sizes to choose from and styles vary fro the contemporary to the more traditional styles with towel rails, some even feature full length mirrors. Or you could save energy and cut down on your heating bills with electric Eco radiators, which have the ability to monitor the rooms temperature ensuring there is no energy wastage. We also have the Nobo range of LST electric radiators, these have a low surface temperature so are perfect for use in applications where there are children or the elderly.