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Solid Fuel Grates

A large range of high quality fire grates and solid fuel kits.

Fire Grates:

The purpose of the fire grate is to keep your logs or coal in place and help the burning process, the grills at the botton of the fire grate aerate the fire to help improve the heat. With any fire grate you must not over heat the unit as this will cause twisting of the cast. In post war homes the size of the fireplace grate is determined by the size classification of the fireplace opening or clay fire back, that is manufactured to a British standard size classification of 14” 16” & 18” etc. This is why 14" fire grates, 16" fire grates, 18" fire grates are available, but their actual measurements will not exactly relate to the classifications just mentioned. An 18” fire grate may not be exactly 18” wide it is designed to fit with a tolerance into a 18” classified fire back.

Solid Fuel Kits:

If you want to burn solid fuel such as coal or logs on your fire you'll need a solid fuel kit and these kits are ideal if you have no exsiting grate etc as the solid fuel kits include everything you'll need to install into a tapered fireplace opening, fire front, fire grate, ash pan and ash pan lifting tool. The grate supports the coal or wood and is raised up from the ground so that air can flow from underneath to feed the burning fuel. A variety of grates are available to match the profile of the fire bars and minimise the gap that burning fuel might fall through.The ashpan collects the burnt fuel that falls through the slots in the grate.

Our Range of Ash Pans:

Ash pans are made from long lasting materials by Manor Reproductions, who have over 20 experience of producing high quality fireside accessories. Ash pans are for use with solid fuel fires with a fire grate. Solid fuel fires look lovely and give your home a real focal point. Our range of functional fireside accessories is here to provide you with the tools to enable you to conveniently keep your fireplace looking clean and tidy. The purpose of the ash pan is to collect the debris from the burning fire and then, once cold, the pan is easily removed from the grate and emptied. A quick brush of the hearth and grate to clean off the ash completes the job. Once the ash pan is replaced you’re ready to build your fire once again.

Our range of ash pans are for use with domestic fireplaces and will fit most fireplace openings. The ash pans come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Please note that the nominal opening sizes mentioned in the item name, i.e. 16”, 18”, etc, refer to the minimum size at the front of the fireplace, not the actual size of the item. All sizes are approximate so please carefully check your measurements before ordering.


When you place your order with us you will recieve an email confirmation with your personal order number. You will then recieve another email on despatch from our warehouse to inform you your order is with the couriers and will be with you within the next 24 to 48 hours. Pease note deliveries are Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.00am & 6.00pm. We are unable to specify a time. ALL deliveries have to be signed for, please also note that if you live in Scotland or the Highlands please allow an extra 2 to 3 working days from the estimated delivery times quoted.

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