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Fireside Log Baskets

A large range of log baskets from wicker baskets, rope baskets to metal log baskets, all here at low prices.


Log Baskets

We have a wide selection of log baskets on offer at SNH, large log baskets for the big logs or half trees, to the smaller log baskets for the short cut logs that are about 6 to 10 inches. The range of log baskets are brought to you by Manor Reproductions a name you can trust for high quality fireside products. The collection includes wicker baskets, cane log baskets, rushden log baskets, wooden bucket style log baskets and cast iron log carriers. Woven wicker log baskets, aside from being useful for filling with wood, kindling, paper and an axe, they also look great. If you have a more contemporary setting then perhaps consider something a bit more modern like a metal log carrier.

Please note the log basket sizes in the product description may vary, all sizes are approximate.

Wicker Log Baskets

Wicker is not a material but a process, It is the art of weaving with reed, willow or sea grasses. The wicker baskets on offer are primarily made for the use of carrying and storing logs for your open fire, but they have many uses's, including storage, gardening and as washing baskets. These wicker log baskets are made to last with strong woven pattern for added strength and are available in a range of sizes and styles. Wicker baskets are much hardier and can be used outside as they will survive in all weathers, they are very sturdy and solid, grown in fields and by river banks as willow, the branches are stripped of their outer layer and usually treated before weaving. The end product is well suited to carrying weight although the baskets themselves are lightweight.

Cane Log Baskets

Primarily for storing logs for your open fire these cane log baskets have many uses's, including gardening to washing baskets. These cane log baskets are made to last with strong woven pattern for added strength. Cane is the skin of the rattan plant, which is peeled off to be used for wrappings and winding over hardwood or solid rattan frames. It can also be woven for seats or surface texture. It is relatively non-porous, and always retains its naturally mottled surface.

Rushden Log Baskets

Rushden is another term for for seagrass, the greenish shades of the weave is distinctive. Seagrass has an almost string like appearance and is woven onto a wire frame which means it is usually pretty strong and well suited for stacking and storage. It is not a good idea to get seagrass wet, so these baskets are recommended for indoor use only.

Log Tubs

Log tubs or log buckets as they are sometimes known as, are the ideal solution for storing your logs indoors next to your open fire or wood burning stove. These quality log tubs are of a sturdy construction and are available with a brass or black trim.

Modern Log Solutions

Log stores are becoming increasingly more popular as a decorative item within many homes, as individuals and families are attempting to create a traditional yet contemporary and stylish look for their living space. With this in mind we have a selection of contemporary and stylish log stores and log stations that can provide any home with a solution to their log storage and log display needs.


When you place your order with us you will recieve an email confirmation with your personal order number. You will then recieve another email on despatch from our warehouse to inform you your order is with the couriers and will be with you within the next 24 to 48 hours. Pease note deliveries are Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.00am & 6.00pm. We are unable to specify a time. ALL deliveries have to be signed for, please also note that if you live in Scotland or the Highlands please allow an extra 2 to 3 working days from the estimated delivery times quoted.

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