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Fireside Accessories

All you need for your fireplace, from coal buckets, companion sets, to a full fireplace delivered to your door.

Fireside Accessories

A range of high quality British made fireside accessories for the UK fireplace market. Here at SNH we have a large selection fireside accessories including fire tool sets, fenders, bellows, stove paints, artificial coals, logs, stove rope, plus a large range of coal buckets and hods. Fireplace tool sets, or companion sets, are useful for maintenance of open fires and include a poker, tongs, shovel and ash brush. We also offer a range large range of fireguards and screens in folding, single panel, 3 panel, 4 panel and glass styles. We also supply nursery guards which are ideal for safety with gas fires and real solid fuel fires.

Fireplace Firebaskets

Our comprehensive range of fire baskets combines the best in leading edge design with timeless classic style. We pride ourselves in the breadth and variety of our products which will suit all tastes and budgets. The firebaskets are available for solid fuel or gas and the range includes traditional and modern styles. Finishes available are chrome, brass and black, we feel sure we have a firebasket to compliment your lifestyle. Please check our web site for more details on firebaskets.

Ash Pans

Our range of ash pans are for use with domestic fireplaces and will fit most fireplace openings. The ash pans come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Please note that the nominal opening sizes mentioned in the item name, i.e. 16”, 18”, etc, refer to the minimum size at the front of the fireplace, not the actual size of the item. All sizes are approximate so please carefully check your measurements before ordering.

Fireplace Fenders

The fireplace fenders are available in a large range of sizes and finishes and some are adjustable. The club fenders featured on our site are made to order and are hand made in the UK, so delivery can take up to 4 - 5 weeks from order, please note all club fender dimensions are internal.


We have a large range of fireguards on our website from the tradtional to the modern and they are available in single panel, 3 panel, 4 panel, folding and nursery styles. The fireguards and fire screens come in a wide variety of finishes such as brass, black, chrome and glass and will compliment any fireplace.