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Fire Guards
Fireguards and fire screens for your open fireplace, SNH have a large range of quality fire guards in single panel, 3 panel, 4 panel, folding and bowed styles.

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A Brief History Of Fireguards & Fire Screens

Fireguards and fire screens are an essential part of creating the perfect fireplace. With a huge variety of designs, finishes and sizes, there is a guard to suit all tastes. Initially designed soley for the purpose of reducing heat and trapping embers, the traditional standard design has evolved into the decorative items we know and love today. At the turn of the 17th century the majority of firescreens were wooden in construction with decorative fabrics and needle work draped over the guard. Metal was not used in the construction due to the amount of heat it gave off. During the middle of the 19th centuary stoves became the main method of heating a house, with open fires used in addtion. Towards the end of the 19th centuary grand open fires regained popularity and guards were made of lead lined stained glass held together with brass or iron frames. This construction is still in wide use today along with the more modern and contemporary designs. Available in a range of glass metal and wire mesh today's fireguards make an essential addition to any fireplace, transforming fireplaces into an exciting focal point.


The fireguards and fire screens offered by SNH are of the finest quality and can be purchased in absolute confindence from our secure website.

Single Panel Fire Screens & Fireguards

The single panel fireplace screen is designed to sit flush against your fireplace opening, maximising the protection offered and minimising the space required. The single panel fireplace screen must sit close to the fireplace opening and is not suited for curved fireplaces with solid fuel openings as embers could escape at the sides. Single panel and flat fireplace screens require flat fireplace openings to ensure a close fit against the open fire. We have a wide range of of single panel fireplaces screens to choose from.

3 Panel Fire Screens & Fireguards

We have a large range of three panel fireplace fireguards to choose from, with over seven different designs. Three panel fireplace screens provide a large coverage area with a traditional look and sturdy feel. Three panel fireguards are useful for when the fire is not in use, as they can be folded into a compact package. These three panel fireguards come in a wide choice of shape and size options and will fit the majority of fireplaces.

4 Panel Fire Screens & Fireguards

The four panel fireguards have four equal sized sections opening out to cover the fireplace opening, perfect for log or coal fires on winter's day. the mesh front is extremely strong preventing ash or spit deposits leaving the fire and entering the room. However, as with all open firesand naked flames it is recommended that a fire is never left unsupervised.

Bowed Fire Screens & Fireguards

Bowed fireguards provide an exciting centrepeice for any room. They are available in three different finishes, black, silver and brass. These fireguards should be pushed close to the fireplace wall whilst leaving a gap at the top. Bowed fire screens are very durable and will provide years of enjoyment.

Glass Fire Screens & Fireguards

These ornately designed glass firescreens are for decorative purposes only, screening the fireplace off when not in use in the summer. Using in front of an open fire will cause the glass to shatter.

Nusery Fireguards

Nursery fireguards are perfect for preventing babies, toddlers and pets from coming into contact with the fireplace, you can still enjoy the warmth of the fire without your child getting too close to the heat source.

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