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High Efficiency Gas Fires

Save money on your gas bill with a HE gas fire.

HE Gas Fires

The HE gas fires on offer here a SNH are highly efficient, they can save you money on your gas bills and you can do your bit for the enviroment! They offer the same heat outputs as conventional gas fires but use highly advanced burner systems which reduce carbon emmisions and work by converting gas into heat more effectively. They are up to 78% efficient.

Brick Chimney: Apart from products designed for "no chimney" applications, all flavel products will fit a brick chimney. They are easily recognisable by a chimney stack with accompanying terracotta pot or a gas terminal on the top.

Pre-Fabricated Flue: Pre-fabricated flues are easily indentifiable by a metal flue and terminal on the roof and a metal flue box behind the fire.

Pre-cast Flue: Pre-cast flues can be identifies by a ridge vent or metal flue tube and terminal on the roof. Constructed from concrete or clay blocks they form a rectangular section flue.

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