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Free Standing Gas Fires

Bring a traditional feel to your home with a free standing gas fire.


Free Standing Gas Fires:

Freestanding gas fires are the type that sits on a fireplace hearth in front of the chimney opening, these fires will have a back plate that will need to be fitted to cover the fireplace opening and be sealed, this comes with the fire so no worry's about locating and purchasing one. These freestanding fires are the most efficient fires on the market as they provide a good heat output.

Radiant Gas Fires:

A radiant gas fire is a more traditional type of gas fire that consists of white radiants (ceramic pots), hence the name ‘Radiant Gas Fire’. Radiant gas fires are economical to run and easy to control. Most radiant gas fires can be hearth or wall mounted and they are suitable for homes with traditional chimneys (Class 1 Flue), pre-fabricated flues (Class 2 Flue) or pre-cast flues.

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